A flagship beer of the Spring Valley Brewery that does not belong to any existing beer style, pursuing the infinite possibilities of beer. The ultimate balance of strong personality and ease of drinking. Richness like ale, sharpness like lager (low temperature aging beer), dense hop like IPA. Enjoy the ultimate balance of sweetness, sourness and bitterness and a deep finish.

 COPELAND (コープランド)



A new dimension Pilsner bearing the name of W. Copeland. Beer is a “return place” that will make you want to drink again after enjoying other beers. It is a complex harmony of malt umami and sweetness, aroma hop fragrance and bitterness.
* Founder of Spring Valley Brewery, founder of Japanese beer industry



Spring Valley Brewery opens up a different dimension of dark beer that sets it apart from the traditional black beer. By reducing the feeling of roasting and astringency, and bringing out soft sweetness and high-quality bitterness, it combines the richness of taste and the ease of drinking. Quality bitterness and rich taste enhance the taste of the meal.

on the cloud(オンザクラウド)


Standard for the coming era advocated by Spring Valley Brewery. In addition to barley, you can enjoy the softness brewed by using wheat and the fruity scent of white wine from Nelson Sovin Hop and top fermentation. A refreshing taste and a gorgeous and fresh scent that everyone can enjoy will make you feel bright.




White beer type that should be called “Japanese white”, a spring valley brewery brewer who challenged to use unique Japanese materials such as yuzu and yam that are familiar to Japan, regardless of type. The unique fragrance and delicate flavor can be enjoyed with seafood and Japanese dishes.
* According to the Japanese liquor tax law classification, “Happoshu”


スプリングバレーブルワリーの醸造家の自由な発想と遊び心、そしてそれを支える技術によって生み出されたフルーツビールタイプ。 ラズベリー果汁を加えて醸造した爽やかな飲み口と、華やかなルビー色の液色が特徴。フルーティーなホップ香とほのかなラズベリーの香りの調和した個性的な味わいで、肉やサラダなど食事にも合います。


Fruit beer type created by the free ideas and playfulness of Spring Valley Brewery brewers and the technology that supports them. It features a refreshing mouth brewed with raspberry juice and a gorgeous ruby ​​liquid. A unique flavor that blends fruity hop incense and subtle raspberry scent, making it suitable for meats and salads.
* According to the Japanese liquor tax law classification, “Happoshu”